How to make a pot holder or oven mitt

In this week’s tutorial I teach you how to make my Grab-N-Go quilted pot holders. This is an original design and pattern I created a few years back and I’m sure …


  1. I just finished 3 of these and on my way to make more! So cute and handy! I adjusted the cut size a bit for a little tighter fit. Thank you for such a great and quick tutorial Vanessa! 🙂

  2. Vanessa, Thank you so much. I'm planning on making pot holders for my daughters and daughters in law for Christmas. This is one more item I can add. Thank you sooo much for your clear and super easy instructions.

  3. Am a bit confused with the "Insul-Bright" Vanessa.  Am going to use 1 pc cotton batting and 1 pc "Insul-Bright".  Pls tell me whether the 'shiny' side of the I-B should touch the batting or the fabric?  I have already cut the fabric/batting….. now awaiting your reply, pleeeeeeese.  Thanks heaps.

  4. Vanessa your vids are such a gift to us – so easy to follow — thanks again for a quick informative  vid.. I made these for my secret Sister last year and when she found out it was me — she asked me to make them for her real sisters !

  5. I love to watch your tutorials.  You take the easiest, most simple techniques!   You are awesome to watch.  You always know exactly what you're doing and how to explain it.  Other people studder around and act so nervous.  I really appreciate the things I can learn from you.  Thank you so very much!  You are excellent!

  6. Love how easy and simple this is — definitely going to make a few of these today as Christmas presents!  I don't have access to a craft store, so I am going to use a layer of jean material and a layer of low-loft quilt batting … hopefully this will protect from burning!

  7. Thank you for this very cute, useful project. This one looks to be more user-friendly than the sicilone ones, as they are hard to hold onto. I will definitely try this for myself as well as for gifts. Keep up the creativity!!

  8. I can't wait to make a few of these for myself and my mom. We both cook a lot and will get good use out of these. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern and tutorial.

  9. It may be the machine- not all machines can handle several layers of fabric or bulky fabrics. Also, be sure you have an appropriate needle in the machine. For bulkier fabrics use at least a 90/14 or 100/16 needle. Good luck!

  10. I loved this project!! I've been in a crafty mood this summer, making quilts and other small projects. You're videos are great and I have learned a lot from you! I've made several of these pot holders.

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