1. "You are more likely to get obese…" Looking at my belly with a 6% body fat and almost believing it because I sleep about 4 hrs every day then a lot at the weekend xd

  2. For more than 10 years already, insomnia has been part of my life. Just after using this sleeping for 7 days, I was able to attain 8 hours of sleep every night. The health of my sleeping style has urged me to stop utilizing the plan. The program has absolutely eradicated my insomnia. Thanks to this treatment plan. I got this guidebook on Google.. It calls Zoey Sυnodoz

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  4. I hate the alarm ⏰ which is why I try to wake up before it goes off. My husband sets like 8 of them in increments of 5 mins. Drives me insane! One time I turned off all alarms of his but one and recorded myself telling him he's late for work, he bolted out of bed only to find me fast asleep lol 😆 🙃 This video actually made me sleepy 😴 😂

  5. I have been going to Catholic Church for 40 years, and I did catholic studies at school for 5 years. I was never warned about alcohol and drunkenness. This is really worrying, as I trust in the Church and Christianity but the message of dangers in alcohol are weak or non-existent!!! There are christian Faith's that encourage people to abstain from alcohol, this is the best approach and less confusing as out in society everything around you including friends, family, movies, sports events, birthdays, weddings, Christmas, holidays, university, work etc is telling you to drink lots of alcohol!!! Alcohol is a toxic drug, poisonous to all your organs, and a type 1 carcinogen (causes cancer). The Church needs to make clear that this is a "drug" and kills more people than heroin, cocaine, cannabis etc combined!!! People should be encouraged not to drink especially if they are sick as every drop is killing them! Alcohol also prevents people living their lives well as it is a major distraction. Some Christian Faith's abstain from alcohol for these reasons and keep their followers safe, healthy &happy throughout their lives 😊

  6. I think taking Melatonin is doing the same to me as alcohol would to someone else. I've been spending my nights lucid dreaming or half awake half asleep.

  7. Use a light alarms to wake you up slowly with light! Use non-stressful sounds and also don’t have your alarm set for when “I have to get up right now and get ready or else I’ll get fired.” Which is easier to do when you are consistently sleeping and not always wanting to sleep in.

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