1. Yo BongsBest! I like weed the way how you like it too. And I'm a music freak 🙂 You seem that you have good sense of jazz music. Please tell me what songs you had included in this tutorial _m/ Cheers in advance! =D Don't forget or disappoint me.

  2. i got an awesome cfl grow that i setup in my garage,,my plant is 9 inches tall and has bout 13 internode stacked branching on it,,its a beast,,gotta check it out,,also i bout my 600 watt hps/mh with ballast and did an unboxing,,so if you want to see,,click on my picture and check it out,,its a must see,,i promise youll like,,thnx guys,,just want to share what ive learned

  3. Quarter pound every two months that's not gonna last me by myself and I'm not greedy with my weed so I'm guessing like three to five weeks max then ill be dry for three weeks fuck that

  4. I heard the best time to harvest is when the trichrome heads are 60% cloudy 30% Amber 10% clear. The longer you leave it to harvest, the better the flavour and bud production, but too long and THC may begin degrading.

  5. It depends which kind of high you prefer. Do you want the classic high, happy and silly with a maximum range of psychoactive properties that makes you think creatively? Then you should harvest when 30-50% of it is white.

    If you prefer to just get complete and utter stoned, harvest when its all red-brown-ish.

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