How to Grow Medical Marijuana Seed to Harvest E19 – What I've Learned So Far

This video and channel are intended for viewers 18+ and targeted at Medical Marijuana cultivators and users. All content is for educational purposes ONLY In …


  1. 290 grams from 1 315 watt isn't bad man that's .92 grams per watt 🙌 I pulled .87 grams per watt off my 600 HPS last grow 🤘 hope to hit 1per watt on this grow or slightly over would be nice….also photo not auto

  2. what kind of lights are you using? hope you have good luck with the hydro setups. i have ran ebb and flow and dwc. i currently run straight coco coir. so i am a fan of the hydro methods. The main advice i can give you is make sure your ph is correct. check it often, very often until you get it dialed in. you may have it right then a hr or 2 later after being aerated it be 2 points off. this is going to be different for each nutrient line. its not hard i just didnt check often enough and they will let you know very quick too. you may also only every need to feed half strength of any nute line to get the same result as a soil grow. if you havent already and can afford it you should check out some leds. they run alot cooler last longer cheaper on electric bill. are just a couple that i really like and this is a badass site for anything you need look forward to upcoming videos. also check out i really would like to try these lights. have seen great results. one in particular is check him out if you havent already

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