How To Grow Marijuana. Marijuana Harvest 2012 Part 1 Of 3

California Marijuana Farm. Marijuana Harvest 2012 Part 1 Of 3 The Keeper On A Northern California Marijuana Farm During The 2012 Harvest. See All The …


  1. Hey brotha, I must say there some nice ladies you have there. I seen I couple of ur videos and I would like your input on something if you wouldn't mind? I'm a medical licence holder in Canada with a 30 plant count and I'm designing a new room. The space is 10×30 and I want to use a dwc system maybe under current type setup my question is should I do 1light 1plant or 4 plants per light I'm using 1k bulbs in a sealed room with trellis netting. I could really use some insight on how many container

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