1. Blood meal is also a good source of iron! Guru can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think fulvic acid does a good job of chelating the iron and helps the plant to uptake it. Shit, if I'm not wrong, that sounded smart!

  2. Hi guys, nick from Australia , the legend (Porc garden) put me on to your channel. I love it.💯💥😃🤘 I also sub alot of the people below. 👍👍🍻🌱🚬🇦🇺
    Gotta love this community I'm part of. I'll be subbing u guys straight away! Peace. 💚

  3. Used to be on at 10:30 PM in Aus, nice way to kick back when all the tasks are for the day. Now at 10:30 am, Strayans are all at work, so not many of us going to make the live chat (unless you are an unemployed bum).

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