How to Get Rid of Spider Mites on Cannabis Plants: Identifying and Killing Them

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  1. A vacuum cleaner will be your BEST friend especially if your in the middle of flower which is the time you really don't want to be spraying anything on something your going to inhale I would never spray anything on my flowers I'm just paranoid I don't care if the bottle says natural and safe, but I vacuumed my plants thoroughly everyday for a few days straight because I know mites will scatter and hide so theres no way to get every egg and mite in one treatment hence is why I repeated it for a few days to hinder their reproduction and it worked like a charm because I was very thorough and my vacuum can adjust the suction and has gentle dusting attachments so it isn't to ruff on the plant.. But if all else fails try a vacuum for a few days straight or how ever long you see fit depending on your infestation.. And if it doesn't completely fix your situation it dam sure will reduce the population by half for you so you can get through harvest in my case it got rid of them I'm surprised this is not a super popular thing,like as a grower the first thing I'm thinking is any way I can treat pest with no chems and vacuum was the first thing that popped in my head.. My smoke comes out so smooth you can smoke it fresh off the plant one reason I think is because I never use sprays and stuff on my buds. Use sprays as a last resort if you can most growers I know who drench their buds with chems also have harsh tasting buds that burns with every hit, bud should have a smooth smoke. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  2. Great videos, most informative and detailed I find. Whatโ€™s your suggestion on late flower, week 8, fat dense buds, and mites. What would be the best option to handle them?

  3. Hey dude just wanted to give a huge thank you!! I checked out this video and my plants are in flowering and unfortunately lady bugs are not in season right now. So I gave the constant airflow solution a try. ( when I discovered the mites the webs had already formed). My more infected plant has not been soaking up any water at all. Went a solid 3 weeks with no watering because it didn't need it. Im finally seeing signs of growth again. Thanks dude!

  4. Thank you. I'm a new grower but of course I have spider mites infesting my whole crop at the moment because just my luck lol๐Ÿ™„ These little guys are assholes

  5. Just started noticing mites yesterday, sprayed and switching up in two days to neem mix, then to another spray. I'm luck to have experienced growers telling me this same info. This channel saves me all the time. Thanks, stay lifted!

  6. Godam about time someone did a video on Cannabis and wasnโ€™t a dumbass and actually educated. Really love your videos bro. Just had my first case of mites. And ur video really helped. Thx again.

  7. I figured they canโ€™t swim, I keep thinking about tying a bag off at the base and filling the bag up with water rapidly and flooding the plant for as long as it takes to kill the little fuckers with a slight dilute of soap

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