How To Get Bigger Yields From Cannabis Plants – Growing Weed

For more information, visit: Everyone wants to get bigger yields from their marijuana plants. There are many ways to do this.


  1. I work in the industry.
    For home growing just letting the plant grow is fine, who cares its your grow.
    For commercial grow if you do not take advantage of advanced defoliation techniques like topping, LTS and lollipop-ping then you will get 1 or two good tops and low yields and all your under buds will be larfy fluff that can't be sold, only used for extraction to make b grade material. Stick 3-400 plants in a normal sized room and tell me not to defoliate.. yea get the fuck outta here fuck boys.
    I have worked with "Master Growers" that did both ways, and the way to get 2 foot dense fat cola's is by good light penetration and a smart nutrient diet. NOT just letting the plants "Solar Panels" block all the light.
    Amateurs don't understand that light passing through a leaf above a node is what color?? Green, leaves and nodes in the veg state need blue light not green. Green light will turn the under growth to crisp in a room with many plants.

  2. Very cool- I try and leave fan leaves but when they get too big I will remove a few to let light penetrate the inner nodes. Fan leaves have a lot of energy/nutrients so sometimes removing too many will slow growth. It's a personal thing I just do what the plant wants- I encourage her by bending branches down so light will hit smaller nodes and my fan leaves can keep pumping in food until they start to get WAY TO BIG or yellow off. Happy gardening and remember to love the process. If ur in a hurry ur final product may not be as potent

  3. can you use 15watt CFLs???, its still in the 2700 k and the 6000 k spectrum, gives off 1060 lumens 1060÷15=70lpw that's good for both bud and veg, but is the wattage even high enough to do anything growth wise ???????? neeeeeed heeeelp

  4. The only way to find out is to grow 2 plants and don't fuck with one, and do whatever to the other plant as you wish and see what type of growth you get outta it. Thats the best solution! Doing your own tests. Happy! Growing people!

  5. People also dont realise that you can bend ,break tear and beat the absolute shit out of the plant to get the best results as its a weed so they grow better when stressed out ,sounds funny but if you look at a forest that has been burnt down or a tornado that has hit it then you will see it grows back thicker and stronger than ever …I've studied horticulture for years and I know for a fact that fan leaves suck nutrient from the plant so if you trim them off the the smaller sugar leaves will go into over drive and production of photosynthesis to feed the buds and make them thick and dence ,,the same goes with any fruit tree apples ,oranges etc deflotation gives bigger fruits period …happy gardening brother

  6. True everyone it does stress the plant, but marijuana plants are amazing and even as plants do amazing things. They are extremely resilient and can survive many less than optimal conditions

  7. Removing any fan leafs and any extra sprouts will increase the energy consumption and will let the plant concentrate on the flowers and putting all of its energy into that. HEck even in flowering i still take away any unwanted sprouts leafs etc… they are healthy as fuck! Who said you couldnt prune or take away a few leafs during this cycle i've done it and had superb results! it does not stress the p[l]ant out what so ever if you do it accordingly and take care you will find that this is the opposite to what others say …… 

  8. Good vid but its vital to always remove many fan leaves as you can durining vegging stage to promote more growth. I damn near bare my plants top and bottom from fan leaves and premature growth at least every 7-10 days and in return I get huge tops + huge buds.

  9. Hi brother,,,av been a big fan of ur vids keep it up… Av got a skunk1 going in2 4wk flower n iv been doing ur defoliation,,,, superb,,av been spreading ma colas out with stakes n takeing big fan leaves off do u think thats ok? Only 1s bloking light.. N average got a clone 2wk n flower n it's working the channel n me n all my fellow UK medical cannabis patients. Tune in2 all it vids Bro…well deserved respect from Glasgow,,Scotland in UK peace brother, het intouch….

  10. but still you risk your ass , because if a federal agent wants your ass he'll get it. Medical cannabis law is approved only in a state level , not by federal laws. I KNOW FUCKING RIDICULOUS…

  11. dude all you ppl need to calm your clits ITS A FUCKING WEED it will grow all the fucking time + weeds who are damage will grow bigger sins it wont to live on
    its like wen you brake the vines half and half to have a higher thc lvl shit ppl

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