How to find and keep cannabis mother plants, and other tips.

cannabis #motherplant #growinghemp In this video I dive into how we found and keep our mother plants over winter. This is a key part of how we are able to …


  1. Definitely interested in more information. With the volatility and uncertainty of the regulations I'm really curious about cloning and the maintenance of a mother plant.

  2. I have a cherry hemp like yours I think… I'm using the nugsmasher and getting an 18% return!!! Have you made any vape tanks with it? Doesn't taste cherry when I dab it… Interesting flavor. What terps would you mix in with it?

  3. Planting our first seeds 12/12 for our new cbd business in northern Virginia. Starting indoor with 30 plants, 4 strains. Plan to pheno hunt and find mother’s to keep inside a few grow tents. Thanks for the information!!

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