How to Become a Licensed Commercial Cultivator

Many caregivers are growing 72 plants or more, and are interested in getting bigger. The current law under the MMMA only allows for a caregiver to grow for five …


  1. I am an agent for Crowdgrow: Food security is now supported by our expansion into the medicinal cannabis market in the Kingdom of Lesotho. ( Our model is built on upliftment & education of disadvantaged communities. Your participation in our Medicinal Cannabis production offers you a opportunity to own your own mini cannabis farm, achieve a return of investment in excess of 25% whilst contributing to education and upliftment of the people in the Kingdom of Lesotho. ( )

  2. Just became a fan; I'm a 3x combat veteran and have found that cannabis has greatly helped me in all aspects of my life. My wife and I have come to the conclusion that growing is our next step. I am not new to gardening, I have grown vegetables, plants and trees for years, but I understand that growing cannabis, particularly in doors is quite intimidating to me. I have been researching for months on how I can reasonably grow within my means (I am a father of 4), legally in my state (Washington state), as financially strict as possible, all the while being able to cultivate healthy harvests that would make the choice to grow worth it. I had an idea, while tossing around the what ifs of starting a legitimate grow, that I would also partition my land for vegetables to donate entirely to local food banks or shelters. Watching your video here, is the first time I have heard of caregiver growing and I realize now that this is something I also want to do. I am limited by my understanding of the cannabis community, communication within that community, and my comprehension of the plant itself (but don't worry, I'm always learning!). Basically, I wanted to show my gratitude for providing this information and hope that more people like me come to this video. Thank you!

  3. I pray they make anything that will help with pain in the wrong person to take meds but believe me I tired so many times not to take meds and I don’t take half of them but I had to learn a hard way my hip would come out of place my ribs popped out it’s horrible I pray a lotion or something they will make and one Day it’ll work and I don’t smoke lol

  4. See I’m gonna try in Oklahoma to open up a place but we’re growing I’m still research I have a green thumb but I also have bad chronic pain for my age it sucks I hate pain meds and I don’t like weed so I wanna experiment with oils and lotion so far there’s nothing that helps I had a lumbar surgery and the dr tore my nerves sack and now over half my body is in pain and I was cna and lPN and now I can’t do what I loved working

  5. Okay I wasn't sure what you two guys are up to otherwise you got Deep Pockets and big grows and sounds like you're a little pissed off get the little guy it's taking some of your cash boy we really feel bad for you too and you're slick Miami Vice drug dealing clothes sounds like you want rid of caretakers shame on you you don't have to have all the money just come out and say what you up to don't bullshit us big marijuana will do anything absolutely anything to get rid of little marijuana every time you buy from big marijuana you helped put a mom and pop store out of business kind of like Walmart now it is like Walmart only worse no rules just dogs like these two

  6. Bro can u guys get some microphones ? Every single cannabis business video is poorly produced and shitty. Probably good info in here but I can barely hear it under u guys basically whispering

  7. Not my religion but i would expect a christian government to abide

    Genesis 1:29, KJV: "And God said,

    Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat."



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  10. Urban farmer here 25 yr growing in Humboldt area..I'm African american.. this past summer I took 100 plant plot just to see what I could what I did was I
    I mid may..kept them on 24.0 for month..then 18.6 last in June I starting bring them out around 6 PM coupe hrs trying to get them acclimated to outside environment..cuz if u dont u can shot them and your plant can possibly die or go into shock…. mind u I'm feeding them 30-10-10 pretty high after all TV hat I bought them out at.3.5..4.0 ft….. so as u sf dual I topped 2 to 3 times..average height of my girls were12 ft tall .8 ft wide…..biggest plant was budzilla… .she got 15 ft tall 12 ft wide..she was 14 ps plant…lol so after all that ; experimenting on 100 plant was a total of 845 pds I grew in the ground my holes were equivalent to 100 pot..
    Peace urban farmer

  11. I've been a grower for a while and I would love to use my talent to help ppl and do it legally as then the potential is massive for myself and everyone I could help …thing is I'm in the UK and would have the foggiest idea where to start. If u have any info at all it would be much appreciated cheers and great channel by the way 👍

  12. The entire legal Market medical or recreational is doomed to fail from its very concept due to the fact the rules are being said by people who have no understanding of how the marijuana Market works it's simply over-taxed that's it and ppl with money only interest all of a sudden becoming cannabis Growers and producing low grade embarrassing products..anyway, if RETAIL sale is over $30 an 8th oz.,the black market will win.

  13. I have heard repeatedly that it is a little late in the game to be getting into the business and that any attempt will result in you being bullied/pushed out by the bigger guys, via shady tactics if need be.
     I'm not sure how much truth there is to that but it is something I have heard often enough that I figure there must be some truth to it. I've heard you pretty much have just as good a chance of starting a new tobacco company and competing against the big wig corporations… but again this is just hear-say.

  14. Im interested in investing in a MMMP commercial grow/cultivation startup in Michigan. If anyone wants to discuss a partnership please send me a message or email me and we can discuss further. Im very motivated to get started ASAP!

  15. The frickin government can really screw up a good thing. This is a plant which anyone can grow and enjoy , yet they find a way to fuck it up. I almost prefer the way we’ve been doing it for decades.

  16. Interesting that you touched on greenhouse grows. Have you found anything different from the standard of the greenhouse has to be enclosed in a fence with a lock? If its a larger greenhouse with a locking door would that count?

  17. You need to send me some information any kind of leak and he kind of data I have two acres and a 2500 square foot facility they just legalized it here in the state of Utah. And agricultural zoning with water

  18. +Cannabis Legal Group Is it realisticly possible for a EU citizen to get a visa and start a 100% legal craft grow business in Canada? I have a budget of about a 100K Canadian dollar (75K€)to start a small buisiness.

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