How Medical Marijuana has helped me – Post your Story

Over 90% of my body is covered with psoriasis. It constantly itches and often hurts. Medical Marijuana has given me profound relief. Please tell your story at …


  1. I have really bad eczema on my face, around my mouth, and chin. It gets really red, dry, flaky, and scaly. I use cannabis infused cream with shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil, and jojoba oil. This works WONDERS on my skin. Within days of apply this, the skin becomes more and more regular.

  2. My psoriasis used to flare up on my face during the winter months to the point that I didn't want to leave the house because it shattered my self confidence and the cold weather would make it worse. This winter I didn't have any proper flare ups on my face and the only thing I can think that could have affected it is use of cannabis. This helped boost my confidence and left my face clear. Which as other people with psoriasis will know is a major step. It might not work for everybody cause hell knows I tried so many products that were apparently proven to work and they didn't. I think different products will work for different people due to variables. Also I found getting out in the sun often helps.

  3. @imaginativelads i got rid 95% of my psoriasis with smoking weed. i started because i gave up. didnt matter anymore. my whole body was red and itchy. nothing else helped. and one day a pal of mine told me that marijuana cured his friend. since he is sometimes full of shit and for him marijuana cures everything, i didnt believe him. but i tried. it wouldnt kill me i thought. xD
    I smoked like 4-5 times in first two weeks, then once a week (for next two weeks).
    after 2 months, my psoriasis withdrew like 80%. Now i smoke maybe once a month and im almost clean. i can send photos of my hands (before and after) if anyone wants.
    @MAZOKISTAfulL: i think non medical has better chance of success because of its pure form. nothing is added or removed.

  4. Are you taking the Phoenix tears from a CBD dominant strain? I think the cannabis oil might be the cure, but no one I've known with psoriasis has used the CBD strain, the one that has the least amount of TCH. Anybody? Somebody? Gary, help me out here buddy, what do you know about CBD?

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