How Long Does Marijuana (THC) Show up on a Drug Test?

This video breaks down the different methods of drug testing and how long Marijuana will be detected for each method. Debunks the myth that standard …


  1. Folks need to recognize what they're up against regarding a roadside saliva test that could reveal you smoked the night before some 20 hours ago. It becomes subjective and they're incentivized to make all the drug related arrest possible as their departments receive federal monies and military surplus, equipment coming back from Afghanistan ect. That's rough as the least harmful drug stays in your system the longest, the irony…

  2. im a light smoker smoked about 3 or 4 times in my whole life once in April, once this month around the 2nd i got high asfff & i hit it one time before my hair drug test. i can tell anyone that is worried if you are a light smoker you will pass.

  3. I took an edible on Saturday night (didn't get a high from it). I just found out that I may have to do a urine test at work on Thursday (5 days from the time I took the edible). I am an occasional weed-smoker and the last time I smoked was back in December. I'm 6 feet tall and 168 pounds. How are my chances? Should I call in sick?

  4. I just took my drug test and it was a hair test for a new job, and i forgot I ate an edible with thc about two months ago and never smoke or do anything else…She clipped about an inch of hair…(I workout a lot and lost about 10 pounds since then, if it makes a difference)… Is there a high chance it will be positive?

  5. Hey I have a question I smoked weed yesterday I hit the joint twice but I been clean for 7months and I got pee tested today and I'm in a federal half way house will the owe test be dirty

  6. If I smoked 26 days ago for 2 days will I most likely be clean? I'm about 5'1 158lbs not in bad shape but don't really work out. I drink water and had did an acai berry detox. Answers please

  7. I'm not a user but I smoke a roll on not the funk on the 16 th April and have a test on the 3 th of June would it show positive i also drinking a lot of coconut water and exercising too could someone tell me plz thanks in advance

  8. If you respond I'm gonna be so happy.. I'm 6 foot 3 and skinny 175 lbs. didn't know i was gonna have a urine test because I didn't know i would be going for this job. I drink a lot of water and it was 18 days since I had smoked just about daily.. still waiting on results, what are my chances of passing?:/ I'm so worried. I am never gonna smoke again after this

  9. last time I passed one on for 2 weeks a lot of tests but I don't want to go through the stress like I did last time was always worrying worrying worrying into the results came back but I passed it also two weeks no smoking exercising

  10. okay well I weigh like 160 and I'm 5 7 I haven't consumed any marijuana since the 1st of this month I've been exercising on the treadmill for like maybe 4 days in a row sweating like crazy so what is my chances

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