How Likely Is A Weed Smoker To Experience Psychosis? | Professor Green

Is a cannabis smoker likely to experience conditions like psychosis? Professor Green wants to know and speaks to a psychopharmacologist to find out. You can …


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  2. Over the course of my often times diverse experimentation I have encountered many different preperations designed to make something different out of my worldly perceptions. None however have come even close to enslaving me like alcohol has. My only worthwhile allies in this struggle have been THC & CBD. Blessed indeed is this common herb and blessed are those also who would partake in it.

  3. I鈥檓 an intractable pain patient who doesn鈥檛 use opioids because of cannabis. Helps with pain sleep depression appetite and keeps my mind elsewhere. Stay away from the high THC it can make you zombified like spice. Look for a more natural and balanced 1:1 or even 3:1 CBD /THC.

  4. When ever i get high after smoking weed, i'd prefer to stay alone… Listening music.. i don't want to be in crowd… I can't face people… Can anyone explain to me… Why i feel in this way?

  5. I ate an edible a week ago. I started back up smoking occasionally about a month ago. That edible kicked my ass. I felt like time was going so slow and my heart was beating so damn fast. Had some weird images going through my head as well, like were we came from and unfortunately my friends suicide kept popping in my head. Like the images of him doing it and what he was going through before and after. felt like how it was when I smoked salvia back in the day. Maybe weed isn't for me anymore. I get too far in my head and get in that never ending loop of fucked up thoughts/images.

  6. I was smoking pure for the first time and i really tripped out i was constantly falling asleep every 0,01 second but could still feel everyting around me. It was like a dream just way more realistic i was in a park and i had to ask a girl i knew to help me get to my house and i swear it felt like i was dreamin but with alot of pain. I have deppresion and took medicine like a weak before all of this can anyone relate? I swear i was in a diffrent dementia

  7. It recently happened to me after being on medicinal cannabis a short time. Trauma from a car accident, COVID shut down and more were behind my use to remove pain and sleep. I was medically kidnapped and placed in two terrible centers. This is politics. If people had just been able to grow and sell the old stuff, gee..but no..politicians had to turn it into a monopoly

  8. Yo there鈥檚 no way that the bud has more THC than the hash or Keif hash and Keif Are the pure tri combs off the bud which is the main place where THC is in the actual plant so whereas the bud is mostly plant matter the hash is more like 50 to 70%

  9. I been smoking almost everyday for 15 yrs and when i didnt have any i itched i was mad i couldnt sleep i had anxiety. I was worried it took me to have weed to be regular thats when i knew i was dependent and weed is addictive just like crack!

  10. my story, if you care to read

    I get so anxious and I'll never forget when i got so high out of my mind that I started hearing auditory hallucinations that scarred me for several years later. And it was a bad time because me and my whole family were homeless. So there was a lot of thoughts that prevented me from feeling relaxed. i felt like my life was 'ruined' in a sense from that one smoke. And by thinking that way, it became my reality. I started smoking again with my ex and it became a totally different experience because I would listen to music. As a musically driven person, and as someone who writes music, this drug is a gift. And if you apply it the same way to other things in life then you might end up having a totally different opinion on it. What i'm trying to say is, when you smoke you should make your experience about something you love. Thinking about the future, plans, seeing a pathway. Use art as a medium to imagine things you never thought you'd think of. Think of the drug as a way of achieving clarity instead of tripping balls or being a goof.

  11. LISTEN GUYS. NEVER SMOKE HIGH THC. SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. SMOKE PURE CBD OR CBD OIL AS ANTIDOTE. don't smoke before age 18. use balanced strains or low thc and high cbd. longer use with high chemicals is bad. does damage over years. and now the gov sells it

  12. Usually weed is just fun and helps my creativity, but sometimes at random things will happen like I'll dissociate a lot and daydream about becoming the antichrist, or I'll see an emanation of Moloch, rippling and complexifying itself from the wall beside me. It's less fun when that happens.
    I don't want to schiz myself……..

  13. Better to stay away from any substances – they are slowly destroying you physically and mentally. Good diet, regime, sport and meditation are healthy alternatives to alcohol, nicotine and marijuana. Better results without side effects.

  14. I smoke once in awhile but I鈥檓 honestly done. It鈥檚 usually so anxiety Inducing, makes the whole world spin, I can鈥檛 balance, and everything feels two dimensional. Last night I took 5 hits of a joint and it was like I was on shrooms or LCD (I鈥檝e never tried either but I assumed it鈥檚 what it鈥檚 was like). It felt like I was bouncing off the walls of my brain. Falling a million miles a minute, I can鈥檛 remember what鈥檚 real and what isnt, I couldn鈥檛 stop laughing, I saw bikini bottom, Wonka鈥檚 chocolate factory, my girlfriend as a bumblebee, and so much weird stuff. A lot of dark scary things too. It was standard weed from the dispensary. Sativa my girlfriend got. I think I鈥檓 one of those few people who actually do hallucinate off weed

  15. I blacked out last week on some Cookies Berry Pie. I visioned myself at the bus stop and hella busses were passing me by at like the speed of a jet! In reality, I was sitting on a rock near a bus stop, with some guy looking at me crazy. I can't wait to smoke thrax again!

  16. That last part is so true I can鈥檛 stress enough how we really need to legalize weed in all the places that it鈥檚 not because people don鈥檛 really know what they smoking in a illegal area

  17. I can say that I got psychosis severely for 3 months to where I nearly killed myself, drove me literally insane, but with the help of oncoming depression caused by existential crises, which was caused by the weed. School stress added it on but nightly use for about 4 months did me in hard. Absolutely worst time of my life

  18. Im a new weed YouTuber from the UK uploading my first vid at 1k subs. Would really appreciate anyone that could subscribe and help me get there. You won鈥檛 regret it. Real good content coming

  19. There is no scientific evidence to back up marijuana use and long term psychosis. That said, if you are in poor mental health and you do smoke weed it definitely will not help your situation.

  20. Honestly after searching through BlueLight forum, a giant amount of weed users say they've started to have paranoia when smoking, whether it's after 2 or 20 years. I'm not against cannabis, I'm just saying this is the last place where people are biased against drugs and this is the conclusion that appears. It definitely seems to have a higher potential for inducing paranoia than psychedelics.

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