How Jade controls her epilepsy with keto

In this video, we hear from Jade and her battle with epilepsy. Her medications were making her so ill that she looked like she was slowly disappearing. One day …


  1. THANK YOU! You are certainly making the world a better place! My sister had a TBI, and decades later is having seizures, and problems with medication. I know that a keto diet is best for her brain, but it's not easy for her to maintain. I started keto 14 months ago, WITH my sister, FOR my sister. I've stayed because my brain feels so good! She's started having issues again, and I'm hoping she'll do keto seriously, to protect her neurons. I can't believe keto doesn't get the attention it deserves!
    I wish you all the best!

  2. I noticed a huge improvement with the decline in my seizures since starting the keto diet, I went from small seizures not grand maul literally almost ever single day, and within a couple months they went down from almost every day to a few per month, I HIGHLY recommend it!

  3. Thank you Jade 💕 I’m learning about keto to help my daughter. Meds are not working totally so the doctors and nurses at the hospital are helping us to go keto. Your story is very encouraging!

  4. Doctors including specialists didnt even mention ketosis to me. I had to stumble across it myself. Wheat is not food! It's obvious to me my body was meant to process fats for survival. I feel so much better. But I'm left with the question, why do humans get high on sugars?

  5. Jade, you reached me with this message. 🎯 I reached that fork in the road in May after my 1st visit to a neurologist, following my 1st seizure in March. I declined the Keppra, and upped the CBD oil I was already on. I also started Eric Berg’s Keto / Fasting protocol. In 3 months I have lost 40 lb.s and feel great. I have had two more seizures, but fortunately all of them have been at night, in bed, and they have been decreasing in severity. I too am hopeful for the future and feel empowered that I did my due diligence and am following my path. Thank you Jade, as this reinforces my decision, and inspires me to forge ahead. 🙏

  6. Hi, Jade. So good to see you. We met at the Low Carb San Diego conference. I was the one with the somewhat unemployed seizure alert service dog because going carnivore has basically cured my seizure disorder. I too am working on the meds issue slowly but I am at less than half of what I used to take with no loss of seizure control.

  7. So correct Knowledge is Power – Understanding. That fork in the road – simplified: I would rather go down with understanding than go down just waiting. Gotta love that Sister.

    Again,proving, KETO is more than a weight loss tool. Nutritional Ketosis ❤️ KETO for Health – KETO for Life.

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