How I'm Overwintering My Houseplants & My Mind | & Indoor Jungle Directory!

Today we’re talking winter survival for both my large collection of houseplants and my self! Join the Indoor Jungle Directory! (Free!)


  1. Oh my god! I LOVE YOU! So refteshing to see someone be real! I found out about you from Kaylee. Another real refreshing awesome person!

  2. Your videos are so relaxing! I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s your dangerous leftist views that I also share 😉. Totally binge watched all your vids recently and there’s something so warm and honest about them. Sending you lots positive vibes from the likewise cold and wet UK 😊

  3. Lmafo you always have me dying. I don't know why the brands don't like your content. I quess they are boring you damn sure bring the content.Keep doing you happy growing sis stay safe.

  4. Love this video! I also do the “plant zone” method lol there’s too many plants to do everything in one day and that would be a fuckn headache! 😬 Lucky it’s not crazy cold in Cali but I do get drafts cuz of my old ass windows soo there’s always some difficulties during my version of winter 😅💚🤣🌿

  5. I stopped at 11:39 to tell you, yas honey take those classes!!! I took the original Masterclass, and am now in the middle of the Troubleshoot Your Houseplants. They're both so worth the money!!! I'll let you know up front though. With the Masterclass you get access to her Facebook group. She is all but none existent in there. Please join anyway? The other thing to be aware of is that she sets the pace of the course. Meaning if you finish a section you may have to wait a week before the other section opens. So it's not "really" at your own pace. Still a wonderful course that I would highly recommend even to the expert.

  6. I guess I should get off my ass and join indoor jungle too! 😅
    I just got one of the Give A Damn journals myself! About to start getting to work on it. I cant wait to fill it up!

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