1. Great video ! I have 10 bucket system as well with 3-hps 1000 watts lights . I veg for 3 weeks 24/7 with 1000w also . I’m on my 5th week of Flowering with a ppm of 1200 and ph at 5.8 . The only two Products I use is General hydroponics maxi grow and bloom. I also use rhizotonic at the start of veg and into my second week of flowering . My question is : 4 of my plants leaves are turning lime green . What product could I use that would help bring back the dark healthy green . Would cal-Meg help ?

  2. Question: just to understand u said not to add anymore nuts after the first day but if it’s drinking more nuts do we add more ? Or leave it and add more for next feed??? Thanks!

  3. Hey Corry. Love your work. In my part of the world house and garden nutes are a little on the expensive side. Aqua flakes a+b is do-able in 5ltr, as well as multi-enzymes 1 ltr. But the root excelurator and amino's, are they worth the extra $$$ for a hydro grower on a budget? The brand Flairform is cheap over here, can I mix brands and add other root products and get away with it? Those tiny nute bottles go quick… Thinking to sign up to your insidehydro membership. Content like yours is not everywhere… good job bro.

  4. Nice one.. sort of sends shudders down my back when i see people post feed charts. dont forget ppms are strain dependent ! The deep grapefruit dwc run over on our channel took up to 2.7 ec but needed flush of 3 weeks. For this reason I wouldn't mix strains in a recirculating system.

  5. A Big Texas Yee Haa toya Cody. Boy ur so right. I’m doing 6 Bruce Banner right now 66 days, gonna go to 75 days and I’m gonna flower sumthins come up I gotta leave in April. I’ve never thrown such young plants into flower. Lol we will see , might I add at 66 days there HH UU GG EE , BUT these are also DWC. dude igitta say lotsa nutes. ur using , u truly think there necessary. I’d like to swap ya a sack , an compare , personally u don’t gotta have all that . Lotsa bells n whistles

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