1. Not sure how your back is doing now, but check out Critical Alignment Therapy Yoga, it's a system that focuses on the alignment and structure of the spine. My back use to herniate a multiple times a year, I've been doing it for over 4 years now, and my backs only gone out 3x in that time.

  2. Going thru the same point in life you where talking about,I really think you have inspired me to change my life.I grow now but in a probation state witch naked me fell like I am dining wrong. Must relocate change

  3. you're amazing dude, your videos help me with my growing so much, i like your manner of giving info and your eyes are like smiling all the time)) and now when i know your story, i just wanna send you love and respect from all my heart! so glad you're out of that farma shit, i'm only 25 yo but can relate! in russia growing is illegal, cops hate growers more than real criminals.. but this plant gives me life. now have an Euphoria dutch passion in my closet, 9 weeks from seed. hope it's gonna be sweet). KEEP GROWIN! <3

  4. Chicago represent. I was born in Rockford, but live in the city now. I am also in recovery from opiate addiction and am a social worker. Great story. Though I am a diehard Sox fan ;P

  5. I gotta tell you I have a lot of respect for you for kicking the prescription pills I got hooked on delatas and perks so bad that I quit smoking cannabis because I didn't want to spend the money on it I had to get on a methadone treatment to stop in fact I'm still on it but iv picked up smoking again as a part of my rehab I'm hoping to switch from the drink to the smoke soon but it's hard. But much love and keep on keeping on

  6. I am 48 years old and a little over a year ago I had to have 3 back surgeries done within 3 months. I am currently on the death slide you mentioned. I agree with what you said about it. Missouri is currently trying to get a constitutional amendment passed and I am praying that it goes through. I have started watching the videos so when it does go through I will be ready to start growing my own medication so that I can get away from the pharmaceuticals. Thank you so much for the information I have found on you channel. I hope it will not be long before I purchase my first seed

  7. I hear ya gg…cannabis changed my life too…i was on pain pills 12 years ago…i been on methadone for 8 years and i was on klonopin for 6 years. The combination together had me like a zombie and super un-motivated. As soon as i weaned off the klonopin i started smoking again for the first time in years and its motivated me to get off methadone which i currently am weaning off of. I work out almost everyday and i eat a lot better and also lost 35 pounds. My whole view on life and everything has changed. I feel like I'm reborn and that other person is dead. Just wanted to share my very similar story and wish ya luck and God bless!

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