How Big Weed Became A Rich White Business

Blacks and Latinos accounted for nearly half of all weed arrests in 2018 in the US. At the same time, the mostly white legal cannabis industry is exploding.


  1. 3:42 The reason he got nine months in jail is because he was a repeat offender. If it was just simple possession with no former charges, I'm sure he would have not gotten jail time however because he is a repeat offender starting with possession and intent to distribute the simple possession was seen as more serious as it's a repeat offence so of course he will face jail time for a repeat offence.

  2. 3:04 do I think people should go to prison for selling or consuming weed, no. However the video states he had been doing it for decades long before it was legal in New Jersey which means he was almost certainly selling or consuming it before it was legal. This means he broke the law, weather that was fair or not, he did break it, thus he went to jail. That's how the legal system works, he can't act like a victim or act butt hurt because now people are doing the same thing he was doing and profiting from it. The difference is they didn't break the law, weather that law is fair or not he broke it they didn't. It has nothing to do with race

  3. Business requires large investments! Shocker. Weed is a business like any other. It is not a magical equalizer obviously. Feeling pretty damn stupid for watching an 11 minute democrat commercial.

  4. This video is the type of content that promotes holier than thou discrimination… The type of commentary that is little less than a juvenile ego trip. Or even worse, an excuse to be blatantly aggressive and manipulative. Either way it is a video that kicks quality journalism to the curb.

    How can this kind of disrespectful atitude help in any way? This is a call to justifying the humiliation of others and making them afraid to speak. Discrimination in the opposite direction is not the solution. Unless you look past your own anger and fear, you will not build something good.

    Grow from mediocrity, face the challenges that exist with honesty and compassion. The world needs people with energy, but stop wasting it like this.

  5. This is so unfair my state will probably be the last to legalize……. I’m just going to move to another state. NC IS FULL IGNORANT people who need to let other people decide what they want to do

  6. Damn this shits racist over all why you got to point out color rhetorical those people made there choices at that time and now there left with the standards put in place just be happy you can smoke weed wow this shot is twisted

  7. just, stop making race a problem. if people would stop freaking out about people having jobs that you dont have then maybe this race thing wouldnt happen. Morgan freeman also said something about race not being a problem its only a problem when people make it such so stop ruining these wonderful things with this moral superiority you have and just relax, you can look at the more important things about item 9 instead of just race

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