High Tech Ducting Fan for Growing Cannabis: AC Infinity Cloudline T6

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  1. I have this in my Mars Hydro 2x4x71” and I’m sure it is overkill, I have the max fan speed set to 5 and it doesn’t need to run much. The best part is that it will just slowly ramp up in power according to its set perimeters.
    Only problem I’ve had is at night in the basement when it gets cold the fan turning on when my lights are off because of humidity will bring it down to about 60 deg F, don’t really want to add a space heater but might need to as that is a lot of stress.

  2. Is the control panel necessary if the ac infinity is placed inside the tent? I understand if the ac infinity is placed outside of the tent and you regulate the air going inside using the controller. But how does it work if the ac infinity is placed inside of the tent? Does it do anything?

  3. Lots of red stems on the leaves, where you having issue with heat before this installation ? Seems like all the red stems are at the top, could be because you're growing too close to the light.

  4. 9:34 this thing has 400 CFM, that is bout 690m³/h, to take the smell out u need at least 35 cleanings per hour….
    With a 5×5×6 tent, this Fan on 100% would clean the air bout 155× per hour

    So yall calm down, u dont need to put it that high 😀

  5. I’m setting up my first 2×4 tent and was going to buy the vivosun 6in kit for around 190. I’m not worried about price I want quality and quiet operation honestly. Gorilla grow 2×4 tent and Otto be in my bedroom potentially. What do you suggest for the ventilation?

  6. kinda stupid. all the fan can do is move air out so have a digital controller that has high and low settings is stupid it cant heat the air nor can it even cool the air so u only need a high temp

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