Hermied Weed Plant | How to tell if your cannabis plant is a hermaphrodite and what to do to fix it

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  1. Gday m8 great vid man especially if you have never been through this before.An amazing video for the beginner & a person with knowledge of how to grow.My problem or not is that I'm finding that at the tops of each cola they feel very hard like its full of seeds but it's not its actually tiny seeds that haven't been pollinated inside the calyx but they look like they are going to grow bigger?as I've pulled apart a smaller bud to have a look & they are tiny green seeds I mean tiny!!! is this normal & do they just dry up when I harvest n dry the buds out? Also I've found no bananas or male flowers so I am stumped what it is.Maybe it's the strain or stress but there's 1 thing for sure they won't be able to get much bigger as I'm on the last week of food then flush.Maybe it's normal for this to happen & they dry up to nothing as they are so small I don't know it's weird.Does anyone know what I mean? It's like a tiny seed at the base of a pistol inside the calyx. It's actually a random seed I grew out until I seen that it was a fem then cloned it so I don't know the strain either. 1 n half weeks to go n I'm shitting myself as it's such a beautiful girl n I want it to stay that way n I'm sure it will as its covered in Rez n so close to harvest that a seed couldn't possibly grow maybe a little as seeds form so fast.Anyway I hope I'm making sense here as it does sound weird but I've been doing hydro for over 20yrs & only noticed this twice & the last time this happened was actually because it went hermie on me from stress or it grew a nanna to get some relief & pollinate itself!! Man I believe a female plant especially an older plant needs to relieve it's self by throwing a nanna if it doesn't get pollenated for a long time it's basically fckn itself. Any I hope I get some feedback on this subject I know it's an old video but hey I may as well ask.Cheers 🍻🍻

  2. Hi man, really appreciate this video. I have a few nanners on one of my plants! They are ready for flush and I was wondering whether I should keep a close eye on them and finnish flushing the plants? Will they be ok? Would appreciate an answer ty

  3. I had one plant last time, lemon skunk, and it hermied and seeded itself. I read that those seeds would be feminized. I now have about a hundred seeds of LS! I grew 4 of them out and they were all female.

  4. that's a nanner there sterile after 7 to 8 weeks your pistils are dead and it cannot reproduce so it don't matter how much pollen gets around as long as it's not perpetual. …and a hermie is a plant that grows full blown male flowers In the first 4 weeks of flower not a little yellow banana at 10 weeks in flower that's a nanner and it's just a last ditch effort for the plant to reproduce and try to produce a few seeds

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