1. 2019 and still awesome. Always wishing you the best year after year for you and your wife! Don't know why but I love coming back to this and ripping thru a fat bowl with you, good sir. Let the legend live on for as long as the internet is alive!

  2. Available Strains

    *AK-47 a.k.a Special-K .Blue Haze : Bubblegum Kush: *Black Jack :.*Blueberry :Bonana Kush:. *Big Fatty: *California Orange Bud: *Great White Shark :. *Himalayan Gold : *Master Kush :. *Night Queen: *Orange Bud:.. *O G Kush:. *Purple #1:. *Purple Haze:.*Purple Skunk:..*Sour Mist:*sour Diesel: *Super Haze:. *White Russia:. *White Widow:.*White Widow X Northern Lights #5:… *Wonderberrry:. text at (772) 410-8395 or email us at markcapocinno@yahoo.com

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