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  1. Yo mr c
    I have a question I have a bunch of unknown seeds i found in some pretty dank hermie buds a while back and i recently germinated 6. How do I know if its an auto seed or regular seed???

  2. First video where I see Yu as a real person,. Been watching you so much it’s like now your a real homie. More down to earth kick it type guy now bruh Yu messed up did we jus become best friends !

  3. Don’t even know if you’ll read this you have dead ass a million vids I’m going to start catching up on, I’m new to this channel but all I have to say from watching about 20 of them is that yooo… I wish there were more people just like you in this world man your awesome 💯🔥

  4. All growers should
    Invest in a water imploder Dan winters makes a hell of a imploder will make your plant stronger, more alive and more potent. Imploders use magnets and restructure the waiter and it allows the plants (any plants) to gain more nutrients from the soil. Go YouTube and see what imploders have done for vegetable farmers and even cannabis. Don’t matter if your growing with soil or hydro

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