Harvesting, Drying And Curing Cannabis Series. Part #3- Curing My Gorilla Glue. Grow Light Giveaway!

Watch Now and enter the grow light giveaway!! Part #3- Curing my Gorilla Glue. All you need to know about why and how to cure your cannabis #MarsHydro …


  1. Thanks Bill have my first grow on the go and find your info valuable and going to save me from mistakes. Cheers man keep up the good work, il drop a line when i have mine harvested.

  2. Thank you for passing along all of your straight forward no nonsense knowedge and wisdom. This is my rookie year here in beautiful northern California and in spite of the fires and ash it's a very good year for the old school natural open air and sunshine growers.

    All my best to you and yours from the Emerald Empire.

  3. Hi Bill. Great videos by the way!! Quick question. I have some buds that I have dried slowly for 2weeks . Stems were able to snap so I then started to cure in jars and ziplock bags.the buds are more on the crispy / dry side with humidity holding at 50% in the curing jars/ bags. After a few months, when I take some out and bust it up via a hand grinder, it seems to act moist … you ever run into this ? All the buds I can snap in half no problem as if it's to dry but when grinded up, seems to moist. Cant even catch keif off of it. Any suggestions?

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