Harvesting Cannabis – Episode One

Harvesting takes a lot of time, especially if you don’t spend the time taking care of your garden and you have problems. Let’s check out last years harvest with …


  1. I have a question for Jorge (remember the old ask Ed section of that magazine). During all of my years of indoor growing, strain creation (when Lanrace seed stock was available from my Humboldt County yearly visitors), and research on the herbal plant I found myself feeling better in my grow facility as I had my house filled with tropical, I know O2 levels were not responsible. After my first year, I began to notice my plants had a rudimentary knowledge of me. I talked to all of my 70 plus plants and cared for them several times a day, even when some buds were destined for the lab. I do not want to anthromorphize the plant beyond its actual capability, but do you find superior overall results when you treat your plants as the living beings they are? Do you sense them responding in some rudimentary way to you? Do you feel they sometimes "push your desired envelope" to please your intentions? We once conducted such an experiment. My electrician grower was sold on remote hydroponic care (more out of convenience sake) and he always cared for his plants like the industrial grower of today; while I cared for my plants like close friends. We began with equal clones, but his plant tested (in those days through friends at the university) at a very high THC level (26%), it was obnoxiously skunky, and made for a pharmaceutical type uncomfortable buzz with a lot of paranoia. My plant had a skunky hint, with more of a spiced hat aroma, it tested 18% THC but it was also very high in CBD, CBN, and CBG the then somewhat known substances that made the plant a medicine. My plant's product was preferred by all our customers. In research and in industrial growth do you find a close association with your plants as vital for the best result?

  2. all danky leaf should have been trimmed off weeks earlier.then obviously no wet composting leaf,hey guess what then light can get in.all large leaf should be trimmed off have not u worked this out yet Jorge!a big leaf clogged plant = no light penetration and rotting leaf and no AIR CIRCULATION HOWS DAT 4 A THOUGHT JORGE!

  3. There is a lot of information about powdery mildew and botrytis cinera in the Cannabis Encyclopedia. Please check it out.
    I let the disease progress in my garden to see how fast it would spread. I found that it reached a critical point in about 3 weeks where it spread very quickly. I also noticed that other than being a nuisance to clean botrytis damaged less than 3% of the entire crop.

  4. Ojalá puedas poner subtitulos en español,
    sería genial.
    De todas formas, es una pena de cosecha,sé ve la botritis en cada cogollo, que pena no entender tus sabios consejos.
    un saludo y Buenos humos desde Galicia 😄

  5. love ur videos dude been watching ur work for years found some seeds in my bag of weed decided to germinate and plant and now i clone and grow skunk goodness from mystery seeds have learnt heaps from u thanks dude.

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