1. I really like the blueberry and sweet melon from EvoLab. Its crazy what they charge for those in FL. In CO, I found a place called Spark and they sell the 250mg carts for like 20 bucks after tax. I really hope those prices go down for u guys. It's ridiculous. Money hungry greedy people running shit down there.
    On a positive note tho, at least cannabis is available for those who want it. A pro and a con. At least it's available.

  2. I remember strawberry quick! funny
    r these indicas ? looks like blueberry was the winner 😉 thanks

    look forward trying these soon

    can u talk about the brand new products at trulieve (the tinctures & rosin) thanks!

  3. Picked up from Trulieve today GSC and PY , yesterday I got flower from Fluent – Polaris and Liberty – Star Killer ,trying to get to all of the dispensaries eventually too. Smoking GSC watching your review . Finally a review on Harvest I live in Osceola but haven't stopped yet ,and thank you for some data about Harvest getting flower products .

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