Harrison Jordan Interview – Canadian Cannabis Legalization Laws Pt. 2

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  1. Since taxes are extorted at gunpoint that would mean that the government is entirely funded by proceeds of crime and they have kidnapped thousands of people who possessed a plant …not to mention all they have murdered and tortured because of?????? Oh yeah, because "politician scribbles", " imaginary borders " and " physical saftey " when we know that it is all about the expansion of the state. Funny how they just passed a bill that would have CAS take your children for the crimes of ….. disagreeing with the current propaganda narrative that essentially gives the population a feel good dopamine hit to keep us passive. When everyone figures out that millions have been victims of the state , for breaking laws that the parasite class create as they go based on the granting of permissions/ benefits and the willingness and ability to use deadly force for the purpose of maintaining the system of debt slavery/ compliance; that will be the day collective Stockholm syndrome dies. Government is not your friend we are just property to them and that's why the only thing that you have seen politicians do is argue over which parasite gets to feed next and the obligations of the human host species. Two examples of real true democracy are a lynch mob and gang rape neither of which are moral behaviors and should not be engaged in by humanity because individuals own their bodies minds and the fruit of their labor. Government authoritity is a superstition and only exists because we have been tricked into believing that we must comply or else chaos and mayhem. All totalitarian call themselves the democratic peoples republic of. ……Democratically elected governments with bills of Rights, voting and Constitutions have murdered 270million human beings in the last 100 years alone. Democracy is essential to socialism( national /international ) because the peoples greed for free stuff will vote them into slavery every time. You are not a slave it's time to start acting like we own ourselves and stop asking for the blessing of the tax farmers and simply ignore the commands, propaganda and rituals of psychopaths. Have courage take Care and clarity will be your reward.

  2. Please, I need Mr. Jordan to defend me in a supreme court case against the MB Gov!
    I have a civil case I can handle with the city, but a suprimo is too big for just me!

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