Hannah Ferrier Defends Her ‘CBD’ Vape Pen Claim | WWHL

Hannah Ferrier from “Below Deck Mediterranean” sticks by her story that the vape pen she had was only a CBD cartridge and not filled with psychoactive THC …


  1. Sorry Hannah, but that was THC. I've sold Select products and have been trained on each Select product for the past 3 years. Select only makes their CBD in a disposable blue vape pen. In no way shape or form do they sell it in cartridge, refillable cartridge, or just liquid (as you are suggesting) form. If you did "refill" the cartridge then you would know you'd have to have that bottle present for proof as to what's in the cart. But I can also confirm that that was 100% a Select Elite cartridge, and they do NOT sell or even manufacture refillable cartridges. So no Jess, you can't just "unscrew" the top of a Select cartridge. The only thing that could have been in that cartridge was THC unless you tampered with it and which case, you broke the law regardless of what you put in there…

  2. Theyre all a bunch of sanctimonious hypocrites. Im so sick of people pretending weed is such a horrible illicit drug. Its a fucking plant. Malia and captain sandy are disgusting and so is pot head andy. Hannah youre well rid of this ridiculousness. Many blessings to you.

  3. I'm realizing Andy chooses sides and tailors his questions to make his side look good. No question that I really wanted asked was to be had. This reunion could have been wayyy more exciting: Did Sandy show favouritism? Why was she not more supportive and respectful of Hannah especially how she behaved towards Hannah on the dock? What did Sandy think of Malia's boyfriend's tantrums and his constant need for an assistant? Was his performance that much better than chef Kiko? Did Malia (like a rat) rifle through Hannah's belongings? Why did Malia wait so long to report the 'drugs'? etc. etc.

  4. It's so ironic how bugsy can easily say it was a tch oil w/out knowing if it was really cbd. Also, that azz kisser Malia needs to be fired, along with Sandy's boring azz!! Below deck will never be the same w/out Hannah.

  5. I think what bothers me is they worry about Valium and cbd pens but not the alcoholic hangovers? Come on now, drunken night events DO effect you the next day! Why would that be tolerated? I saw many of them not able to function well the next day on the ship!

  6. Team Jess and Hannah all the way!!! Malia should be so embarrassed to show her face on TV ever again! Imagine working with that! Hope Bravo listen to their viewers and paying subscribers and never ever let Malia back! And as for Captain Sandy… well… she should know first hand considering her struggles with alcohol and drug abuse and health issues! She should be ashamed! And not once was there an apology… disgusting!

  7. Dunno why they’re making such a big deal out of it – maybe she puts thc oil in it when she’s at home or on holiday, but uses cbd oil when she’s working. Which isn’t illegal.

  8. will they ever get it? It wasn't even that Hannah was fired. She screwed up, that's perfectly clear. Its how it was done. Why didn't they ask Malia how she found the meds? Why didn't they ask Sandy why this particular case required a person to be fired but guy who had drinking problem in the previous seasons deserved a break. There were times I didn't like Hannah in the previous seasons but the bullying she has received this season is ridiculous.

    Its not that Hannah was fired its the blatant hypocrisy this season. Everyone needs to check your feelings at the door when you get on the boat, but not Tom or Malia. Tom can freak out and treat people like crap because he's frustrated, that's fine. Malia can call guys d!ckheads when she's frustrated, that's fine, she's learning how to be a good leader.

    There wouldn't be a show without drama but this is insane beyond belief.

  9. Look I get it, Don't bring anything on board without having a legal doctors prescription for it and report it to the Captain a head of time. So the prescription drugs can be logged in. I get all that.

    What's annoying is how they all act shocked and freaked out. And Rob wants to out Jess for having one because he screwed up and wants to play victim. I'm so annoyed with Bugsy jumping in on it because she's actually a really likeable and relatable person. I don't understand why she has to say something. If the rest of the cast can make a big deal out of Hannah's honest mistake, why can Jess have the freedom of speech to speak on something she believes she more knowledge on. And Rob is such a bratty whinny poser. He wants to act so in touch with his emotions and that he's some good genuine guy. When he's actually a douchebag that lies and plays games.

    To me I think Hannah was trying to verify the truth that it was prescription medicine and that Malia had knowledge of Hannah having the medicine on board. She could of told then but didn't, so she did maliciously turn Hannah in for having unlogged drugs on board. Just admit it and stop trying to explain the contract and boating laws and a regulations. Sandy and Malia want to keep bringing up foreign country laws, boating laws, contract statements and rules. We get that it is serious to not have any kind of drugs on board without prescription and verbally giving the Captain knowledge of it. We get all that, it doesn't have to be explained 10 times. We want them to admit it was malicious and calculated plot to snitch on Hannah and of course it had to do with boating laws but most of it was because Malia was pissed at Hannah still.

  10. Hannah broke the rules so she suffered the consequences. She's been in the business for years now so she should have known better. She wasn't a newbie. I don't feel sorry for her at all.

    Jess is a psycho. She wasn't just jealous of Aesha. She was jealous of every girl that Rob spoke to. She had such a sour puss attitude. What a debbie downer. Who the heck wants to be around a person like that?!

  11. Sandy is a HORRENDOUS leader! She’s a bully with a Captain title. It was a shame to see the season plagued by her and Malia’s ridiculous and at times offensive behavior. Sorry Bravo but this was a piss poor exaple of women in leadership roles! Too bad nobody called Sandy out for not having the leadership style to adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of each of her crew members. She needs to go back to school to take some basic management and leadership classes!

  12. What a joke of an industry if they actually came across the pen and didn't even test whether it was CBD or THC ! Anybody would take advantage of their inefficiency ! If they did, she wouldn't be saying this via the media would she ! She'd be prosecuted ! And if THC is illegal then why isn't she being prosecuted anyway if she holds a pen even if it's CBD oil ?! Clearly she must have bought THC !

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