Growing Cannabis: The Essentials of Macro & Micro Nutrients!

Are you suffering from macronutrient deficiencies? You can almost hear the American guy’s accent for the infomercial. Are you suffering from macronutrient …


  1. OK, we get it, you're British. Why the shot at Americans? You don't really need to know this to grow. Buy the nutrients, read the directions.
    Cheers from Oklahoma, where my personal grow is legal.

  2. I can’t believe this video got 26 likes. This was the shitest video 👎🏻 Why the garbage talk about infomercials, and global warming, and the useless analogy about human diets?

    unsubscribing 🖕🏻 Losers

  3. Hey!! I hope you have a great weekend. And if any led companies wants you to test any please consider me? If you don’t have anyone. I just can’t afford 800.00 for a nice set and I just don’t “trust” the 200.00 ones for 2 months of my life. I do thank you for the videos!!

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