Growing Cannabis Outdoors – Episode 2

The cultivation of medical Cannabis may or may not be legal in your state or country. Caligreen insist that you do not attempt to recreate any of the activities …


  1. Hey homie if it's hot yoga want a good thick layer of mulch out here in the Nevada desert you want about 3 inch minimum of mulch on your soil. You should do the same out there. Keep up the orhanice growing keep doing your research not never ends.

  2. Really stoked about this series. In this stage of growth you don't really do much other than wait and water so I'm not sure why this particular video should have been much longer. Longer videos in more eventful stages would obviously be cool though. Either way I'm sure this series will be great fun.
    Loving the clover as living mulch also because it suppresses growth of some rogue weeds that can get carried into your pots. Good luck!

  3. the dude is making vids as the plant is growing. So in the end there is gona be more screen time in the series than in one 20 minute video. Ya'll kids need to stop complaining. You re acting like you are his manager or some shit like that. ya ll be cray. as far as i know he doesnt have any obligation of doing videos. so stfu and be greatfull

  4. Dude no bs ur videos are starting to get lame! Loved the grow along videos! I get u need to make money n all to help grow ur channel but kinda losing interest in these. Really feel u should go back to the grow alongside and informational videos! No disrespect just honesty bro ur a bomb grower.

  5. I had previously made comments about the length and content of 3 minute videos. Cali Green, it's my mistake that I didn't know you were doing a real time grow along.

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