Growing Cannabis: No Till Living Organic Marijuana in Flower, Veg, and Seedling Phase

Growing Cannabis: No Till Living Organic Marijuana in Flower, Veg, and Seedling Phase Clips Taken from: The Simpsons The Usual Suspects 1996: DollyThe …


  1. Nice!Quick fyi .You really could of let those keep going for about another 3 weeks . Im not just another little pudd whacker trying to act like I know everything about growing .I have 23 seasons under my belt and everything you did was on point with the exception of to early to harvest .Some of the tri should be amber just not alot . They really all should be a cloudy milky white just on the verge of changing .All an all very nice though

  2. hey mike, my man thanks for taking time to shoot me a kite, good to know , so how long should l wait till l though em into flower & revert back to veg, lve got 12 plants 5 node high , in cups , u see lm running on a shoestring here & soil isn't cheap if l transplant to 1 gal & get a boat load of males , lm out of$5 $10 in soil .not to mention time &love l put into my babys , lve been using bag seeds as lve been growing about 1 year & wanted to be sure lm dialed in before buying seeds, l now have 2 3-3 tents & colset 4- 5 for flower , 600 hps,&my 450 viparspectra in one 3-3 & last 2 150 sun systems in the last 3-3 for veg. CUZlove is what GOT !! Muchh luv Bro u got any advice in the search for the holy grail? l know is is a long ass reply , but l broke down& got some auto s , mybe a how to video on auto flower ? keep it green bro

  3. hey Mike, wheelchair Marty here, been using SC, lst, & with topping, methods lve pick up from your videos, lts like night &day , now l can control what's growing where. but l got to tell ya lm limited on space& my last run was 8 boys out of 9 is there away to sex plants before transplant?

  4. I know super cropping as taking a clone from a plant that started flowering and it bushes more in veg because of this. You can also harvest a plant and leave some small buds and put it back in veg. This is regeneration super cropping.

  5. GGS are you out there ? πŸ‘‹πŸ‘€πŸ‘¨β€πŸš€Just tuned in to your lovely Lily's last video 🌾Even a short update on the one you just started or just a short video to prove you're still on 🌏😁

  6. Hey man, Have you made a video about the products u use and what Nutrient System u apply? Your Plants always look really healthy! Also U might consider If u haven't done so Is making a video Explaining the PH the water and soil should be for Optimum plant health and Yield. Thanks for all Your Helpful Info Braddah, It's appreciated!

  7. No clone!?!?!? Blinkberry has made a difference, and that is what matters. Have you ever had buds β€œlarf out” during the drying period? They got all fluffy. Pure OG. Say Hi when you enter MI. I’m 11 Klicks across the boarder.

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