Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 3-24-19

Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 3-24-19 Octane Grow Tent Official Website & Store: Whats up Growers! So after last night …


  1. Are you using 3 gallon smart pots? I had a similar issue and switched to the 8 gallon smart pots…plants are much happier than before I stopped using the regular plastics indoors because they always retained way too much water

  2. looking good friend love to see how things take off at your place
    over here first week flower is a fact did also a Coco run this time just to make it easier seeing the system you are running dam that looks great
    this year gonna redo my grow chamber bigger tent better filter broke 2 fans this run good to have spare on the shelf LJ you have given me some ideas I learn from you
    let's keep the cure alive

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