Grow Talk 1117: Topping & Training, No Smell, Pot Size, & Orange Flower Hairs

Or Go To The Dude & Scotty Real Are Hanging Out And Waking And Baking And …


  1. Holy shit i made the show! I watch this show everyday old episodes new episodes while I tend my grow. This show is revolutionary for this new social growing community. When I heard Tyler Durden I thought somebody ripped off my name till they started reading my comment. Made my week. Since I'm in prohibition land my wife's the only one who knows I grow and it makes me feel like I'm not alone when I watch and listen to you guys. Keep up the awesome work. You guys rock.

  2. Asphoria,asphyxia the concentration of carbon dioxde in the bloodstream to the extreme point of passing out then death.Warning do not wear for long periods of time.

  3. Mornin DGC great show,
    Guru hurry and get well.

    you where talking about Vets using cannabis for thier PTSD,I found that cannabis cut my V.A meds by 3 bottles😁, I'll be moving soon inorder to a mmj card and out of DEEEP prohibition land where currently live,
    BUT I always find time to watch y'all and smoke a bone on the porch😁
    while tuned in to y'all. ✌

  4. 🤔 So… If a person of “color” decides to wear a mask 😷 w/a “naked white male” it’s funny ? This guy is lame AF! TRULY GLAD I NO LONGER FINANCIALLY SUPPORT THIS TYPE OF BS… HATE ALL YOU WANT, but what was the reason for that J.ASS(scotty) to start w/that mask on? 👎🏽

  5. ya id flower that,and thats why i dont scrog,i need to get at my 20 plants,i need to check for nanners,defoliation,watering,individual care,unless i know strain very well,and know it wont hermie on me,and is good on pm,then net prob would go up

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