Grow Hack: DIY Heat Mat For Cannabis Clones

Dude Grows Show clip from Grow Talk Ep. 954 The Dude, Scotty and Guru cover a simple DIY heat pad Grow Hack with a water bottle posted by camo who …


  1. Wow, ghetto a*s cloning system first off to most it's very important to keep the clones going or you lose your strain so sounds like a very important step to me why play around with hot water bottles every 4 hrs when you could just buy a cloning container heating mat with temperature probe for so cheap these days and boom just like that perfect climate for the little ones. And for the guy asking about compost tea brewing temps
    The temperature of both water and the outside environment will affect your brewing time
    When the ambient air temperature is above 60°F brew for 12-24hrs
    At temperatures below 60°, F extend brew times generally 48-72 hours      
    All-purpose / Balanced Tea (equal Bacteria to Fungi biomass ratios): Brew for 12 – 36 hours to encourage a more balanced life within the compost tea.
    Bacterial Teas: Brew for 12 – 24 hours to encourage bacterial biomass.
    Fungi/ Humus Teas: brew for 36 – 48 to encourage fungal biomass. After 48 hours compost tea begins to express protozoa dominance, which mainly feeds on bacteria.

  2. You want to brew your tea at the same temperature of your plants. That temperature is going to brew the most microbes that can thrive in that temperature range. If you brew a bunch of microbes at 80 degrees and then dump them in a 60-70 degree environment, the microbes that thrive at that temperature are going to be the most useful microbes to you according to Elaine Ingham. So you brewed a bunch of microbes that won't thrive in your environment and the few microbes that survived and can thrive at that level are fewer. You're not hurting anything probably, but it's not optimal.

  3. I clone in a styrofoam cooler with a piece of glass as a lid. For heat I run a 15 watt light bulb inside the cooler. I keep a small thermometer inside the box which I can see through the glass and can control the temps by lifting the edge of the glass slightly to allow some hot air to escape. Works great for me, been doing it this for 20 years. I just started running the light bulb with a heat mat controller and its all pretty automated now.

  4. I like to use the paper towel method for seeds and i have another good one…. i place papertowel inside ziplock, with air and co2 puffed up from my mouth… now everyone has a cable box on 247 or a computer tower… boom, perfect heat. Works like a charm, slightly warm metal casing is perfect👌

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