Grow Cannabis – Plants Dying Before Our Eyes – By Jorge Cervantes

Understanding how to diagnose problems in the garden will save you time and money. Jorge Cervantes troubleshoots an indoor ebb and flow grow table which …


  1. At the end, when he said that there were many problems…that's what pisses me off about court. I have to say one answer about why I was late or missed it or something? There were many problems!!! Hahahaha

  2. I am/was Growing 2 Critical Purple Autoflower Plants that I started indoors where they spent most of their lives growing up until they were at least a couple of weeks in to their Flowering Stage. They had started developing White Pistils the looked like small white balls. But I had no choice but to bring them both outdoors and hide them in the Woods next to my house because I was going away to Florida for a week and couldn't leave them in the house while I was gone. Needless to say when I returned from my Week Vacation I went in to the woods to check on them expecting to either see them dead or dying or possibly growing Buds. Sadly I did not see any Buds that have grown. 1 Plant looked exactly like the droopy dying plants that you showed in this Video and the other wasn't quite as bad. The one that wasn't drooping still looks like it has life in it like it wants to Bud but it can't for some reason. The Pistil balls it had formed went from White to Brown while I was away but I'm not sure if it's a good thing or bad thing. Doesn't really look like the Amber color people say they're supposed to turn when Budding. Looks more like the Pistils got Burnt from the Heat Wave weve been having as if the plant was being cooked in this 90+ Degree weather here in North Carolina during the Summer. I've tried watering them both in last ditch efforts to save these plants but I'm not seeing much of a difference. Anything you can suggest I try to Save these girls that I put so much time and money into so I can at least get some Buds out of either one of them before it's too late or is it too late already ? I should mention The plant that is still looking alive and standing a chance first sprouted out of the soil on April 20th yes 4/20 and as I type this it is now July 9th (7/9). Seems like a long time for an Autoflower to still not be Budding. Is it a lost cause at this point ? Or is there one last thing I can try before I dump the Plants in the woods and start over with the last remaining seed I have ?

  3. Lol this dude a grow how everyone's trying to give this dude tips or what he should do I bet this dude can out grow everyone that posted on this I bet this isent even his thanks man for the good info..

  4. Love your book Jorge, its the ultimate resource etc if your not familiar with Harley Smith at NPK University he teaches advanced growing of all plants its well worth money I been breeding thirty five yrs and in yr of Harleys class blew me away I signed up for 7th time you will increase quality and size and resistance unbelievable.

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