Green Tsunami: Pot Stocks Benefit at the Ballot Box | Steven Hawkins

Steven Hawkins of the Marijuana Policy Project sits down with Jessica Stone and Cannabis Capitalist editor Tom Carroll to provide insight into what the …


  1. MPP was my first weed employer as i worked on the campaign to legalize in Massachusetts. Good to see the black man talking legal weed too. Also I see Florida, Missouri going rec by 2022-23 which would further open up the south.

  2. Legalization of cannabis was a platform Justin Trudeau ran on in Canada and got in!
    Then he legalized it and legislation shut down more than 60% of independent leaving big Cannabis to reap the rewards of separated
    Be careful what you wish for – legalization doesn't mean that you can smoke it anywhere. If you can't smoke a cigarette then you can't smoke pot either.
    Many up here would like to go back to the way things were prior…

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