Governor of Virginia Announces His SUPPORT for Cannabis Legalization

Virginia’s Governor Announces His SUPPORT for Cannabis Legalization Subscribe to my Other YouTube Channels: Frame of Flower Podcast: …


  1. YES !
    GODS 'healing' warrior.
    Growing HEMP will 'restore' the soil, atmosphere, economy + create 'carbon' free fuel.
    There is a CREATOR and IT returned me from death to give this information.
    Because my doctor told me that BIG PHARMA will financially destroy any doctor that proves that THC restores brain injuries made me so upset that I taught myself MOLECULAR SCIENCE and created GOLD. You see I learned TEMPERING long ago and understood about heat manipulating molecules. When I went to the only gold shop in KALISPELL MONTANA and showed JB I reached 22K then he threw me out telling the 'city council' that I am creating FOOLS GOLD pass tests.
    You see copper is 179 atoms that will melt at 1400F to 1800F but 'atoms' must be brought to a boiling point that is 3500F and have no OXYGEN putting pressure against it or will expand exploding burning on contact. This must be done for 72 to 100 hours. 100 atoms will boil out and melted BORAX will absorb them leaving 79 atoms that is GOLD.
    All this was just to 'prove' that my 5.5 TBI is being restored with THC.
    You will lose 67% of weight in transition process.
    FEDERAL AGENT at CenturyLink4347 don't CYBER ATTACK me !

  2. They truley are dropping like dominos. It's the key red states turning that will pressure the staunch Governors. Hope for Texas…IMO its the BIG domino. There has to be a way to get Eric Holcomb put on notice. People in this state really are fed up with his leadership

  3. Marijuana is a gateway drug as long as the Black market exists. Drug dealers sell more than just marijuana so drug dealers push their other drugs. If marijuana was legal this problem would not exist.

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