Government looks into legalizing cannabis

The Namibian government through a special task force has called on the public to submit credible data on the legalization of cannabis in the country before …

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  1. 100% for legalise it. But also not in namibia where we barely have control of alcoholism, underage drinking and smoking. Namibian goverment seem to be great at trying to be equal to its counterparts but we must also learn to self evaluate before we take into account foreign research no matter how valid.

    By this I mean namibias major weaknesses are alcoholism which has caused exponetial growth in domestic violence and fatalities due to drunk driving. Now alcohol is not seen as something that should be more tightly controlled but for number of deaths caused due to this in namibia maybe the laws or actions to reduce these fatalities should be stricted or revisited (there are an array of options of tackling this if 1 way baers no fruit the plant is not dead the soil may need to be tended to.)

    In conclusion Namibia learn to self evaluate without the pressure or inspiration of forien powers give your youth and your everyday people a voice so you can better understanding and evaluate what to do. The goverment in not a representation of the different communities. But merely suppose to be the spokes person for the countries affairs with its people first and foremost in mind. They are doing good but they can do better we all can if we first listen.

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