Good Morning San Antonio : Nov 25, 2020

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  1. It's time to stop prancing around the obvious. Trump won.

    Trumps support was clear to see every where across the country. The number of attendees at his rallies compared to Bidens. 10's of thoousand showed up at Trumps 3 rallies in AZ. Not one person showed up at Biden's in Phoenix. The MAGA drags and boat flotillas for Trump. Biden didn't have anything like it. 96 mile MAGA Drag in AZ. Even in my small town of 1000 people, nearly 200 people showed up to show support for Trump. Biden had 4 counter protestors. Trump had 30m followers on Facebook. Biden had 2m. The right has the silent majority, not the left. The right came out to vote in massive numbers.

    Trump received the most votes in any presidential election. Biden received more? The left had to cheat to give Biden more votes. The vote data from the NY Times/Edison proves it!!!

    In PA, MI, WI, GA and NY there were huge spikes of votes for Biden that appeared in the middle of the night. NY's data showed 360,000 votes going to Biden and at the same time 3300 votes were subtracted from Trump. EVIDENCE IS IN THE DATA!!! Bn

  2. Get rid of the dogs and covid will disappear. Dogs carry covid rabies diseases that can lead to amputation of human body parts. Dogs go senile after few years and turn on their owners and family. People let their dogs lick their faces and make out with their dogs then kiss you Gross

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