Giving Marijuana Plants TOO MUCH LIGHT During Vegetative Growth

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  2. Having too much light is not bad by itself. As long as you increase water, nutrients, and oxygen to the roots, you can have as much light as you want. It is actually the imbalance that is the real problem. (not that you're dumb it's a very common misconception).

  3. Have to say there can never be to much light unless you are so close your burning is about the only case.. I’ve seen plants thrive in veg very close to the the lights, I’m thinking it is your nute mix.

  4. I used to try to tell people and showing the symptoms too much light too much power they don't listen so I just quit you can look at their plants and no it's too much light but that's okay just watch my own go to tell him about fertilizers also I stopped just take care of my own he he he

  5. I recently purchased your nutrient list. Can ordered all nutrient but one. Can't find amino acid chelated magnesium anywhere besides the human supplements. Can anybody direct me somewhere? Or give me a replacement nutrient.

  6. Hey man I am checking out the chanell for a while now and all I want to say is thank you for all the valuable information that you are providing for the people. Would love to come to Colorado and learn more from you.

    It is my first year that I am trying the stake open up technique and will let you know on results. For now plants really fill up and light penetration is a lot better. Also I will try the defoliating method at day 21 😁 thank you, from a humble student!

  7. Hey Wizard, hope you are doing well 💪 Could you maybe explain a short second how many Stakes you use per Plant more or less and what is an AVERAGE Yield in a 10Gallon for you ? I am just starting of mine in 10Gallons under 700W/each as well ✌

  8. I'm I just went to a hlg 650r light and I'm having problems with too much heat in the room I have fans on the light and fan circulating air I guess my next step might be air conditioning but I'd like not and said I do not like to consider air conditioning

  9. 😂😂😂 @ led bars producing too much light man if you don’t stop it. I’ve got spydr x’s and de 1000w all over the place and veg under both no problem there’s no way those bars are stronger then either or.

    That’s definitely your nutrients 1000% I can show you smaller plants under way stronger light that look perfect. You either got some kind of lockout or you are missing something.

  10. Hi wizard npk, my opinion is Depends on the humidity of the room. If the humidity is high around 75 to 80, the light should go near the plants more around 16 to 22 inches from canopy. If the humidity is stable around 65, then the light should be 35 to 40 inch away from the plants.

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