Gardening At Night + Best TIME To Water Cannabis Plants

Today on Lex’s World – How To Prevent Light Shock by your Cannabis Plants at night and is there an ideal time of the day to do your watering. Green LED …


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  2. i was watering at night and my plant started to act like it was being overwatered, so i backed off the water… then it was being underwatered. so i went back to my original amount of water and started watering at 7am. problem solved woohoo 🎉

  3. One of the Indian water and mess with your plants in the morning like you know lollipop or any of that or do you have to do that at a certain other time I just wondering if you could water them and do all the other all the stuff you want to do but I'm just in the morning time alone having trouble with

  4. I wear sunglasses when using green light. Otherwise you can tell the green light is effecting eyes. Have to be careful not to look directly at green light even with led glasses.

  5. Thanks for that Lex appreciated, Also I've been watching your videos and man I learned a lot. Your very informative and clear about everything, just have to say your awesome!! Thanks I'm growing mine since March.

  6. I usually water in day then they all get their own juice box around 7 pm so they can go to bed at 9 pm sharp … If their thirsty at night after I already gave them their juice I’ll just pee on em a lil so they don’t get sad 😢 dads not giving them extra water or juice

  7. Great topic! Just a question, what if there is CONSTANT nighttime light exposure at a very small amount, like for instance the light leaking from below the room's door. Anything not bright enough to make everything very visible. I'm talking about things like a laptop's screen brightness at night in the room, or just the streetlights around the building (about 100 meters away) that shines some little light through the window at night (not directly hitting the plant though, but it does hit inside the room) thanks again for your great content.

  8. I have always watered before lights out. Just my preference. I feel that you lose more water/nutrients through evaporation with lights on. The plant, in my opinion, perspire more when lights out. Thus using more water/nutrients.

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