Fungus In Medical Marijuana May Have Led To Man’s Death

Doctors investigate whether a rare fungus found in medical marijuana may have led to a Northern California man’s death. Wilson Walker reports. (2/6/17)


  1. So Make it legal , study it PROPERLY – GROW IT PROPERLY !!!! HOW MANY YRS WILL IT TAKE TO DO THIS “ Government” ????this is BS at the highest level ! I am so sick of the MOST POWERFUL PLANT ON THE PLANET , BEING TREATED LIKE GARBAGE ! Do you care about yourselves at all or your sick friends ? This will heal you but it’s left to everyone else to grow it and sell it , it’s pure bullsh**!!!

  2. There's fungus everywhere… Especially on all plants. I wonder if tobacco has fungus on it SMH. Probably not because they use terrible fungicides on it. LESSON HERE: DONT SMOKE CANNABIS IF YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM IS COMPROMISED LIKE THESE CHEMO PATIENTS. USE EDIBLES/TINCTURES INSTEAD.

  3. They (patients) were "very immune compromised" "very serious cancer fight".
    The title says it all "fungus in medical marijuana MAY HAVE led…" they didn't say it was the cause.

  4. Also, how do we know Sessions didn't pay these doctors to fabricate this story and the data? We don't. This is bs. People have been using it for 6000 years and right NOW is when somebody up and dies? Right now when it is being debated and Sessions just came into office? Yeah. Sure. Okay. That's believable.

  5. If you have cancer you shouldn't be putting smoke into your lungs AT ALL because it decreases oxygen and oxygen fights cancer. You should be eating it or using drops. Common people. A little common sense here.

  6. You are not suppose to grow marijuana without using fungicide. Everyone knows that. If these companies were not using fungicide, than they are at fault. Almost every grower I have talked to on the east coast would never play such a stupid and risky game as to cut corners using fungicide, but this is just another reason we NEED to make it legal, so we can get it off the street and regulate how it is being grown so people don't get sick. That is the answer here.

  7. First of all, when you are going through chemo, you are more highly susceptible to infection and other irritants and illnesses. This more than likely had absolutely nothing to do with marijuana and much more likely that he just touched something with the mold on it, blew his nose and inhaled spores off of his hand. Mold grows everywhere and there are so many types of fungus that we can't even count them. This is just propaganda to hurt the industry and it isn't going to work. Nice try Jeff Sessions, but if you are going to pay off a news team to start up a bs story like this, you'd better find one that's better at it than the tabloids. Idiots.

  8. This was the best lie you can come up with? Seriously? It "may have" killed him. When the hell is "may have" killed someone news worthy? Propaganda bullshit. Stick to reporting REAL news. You sound like the goddamned Tabloids. The UFO "may have" picked up Buck-Wheat Bertha from her corn field and did an anal probe on her. Can you imagine applying this to other topics? The twin towers "may have" been hit by a plane. The president "may have" been elected. Trump "may have" been impeached. Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound?

  9. Remember we criticize so much when they use one death to say marijuana kills or that it is dangerous and you should use the same skepticism here as well, no one death should be ignore lightly but to use one death to try to create new rules quickly without thought is just stupid and irresponsible.
    You can sherry pick one death or the opinion of one doctor or one test lab or one news and then what? change the industry on just this?
    I can see some interest groups forcing them self's into the marijuana process by forcing every grower to test their product which would conveniently help the pockets of the test lab industry which are the ones to be benefited by this type of news.
    Bottom line the dispensary is the front line and they should be accountable for accepting this badly grown weed.
    tests should be done in random. ( I don't see the tobacco industry testing every batch and plantation all the time)
    So like that cliche meme says… "stay calm" and please don't run to change the industry blindly and with out knowledge.

  10. This is why you can not rely on a despencer to grow your Cannabis if this is true and the mold came from the cannabis not the area it was grown in this would give a grave concern to the public at large all tho it mostly would effect weakened amune system such as cancer and aides
    but the question is was it the area or the cannabis it self if not grown correctly this is what happens
    t is the infection of the plant fungi not the cannabis it self that caused the death if this is true we have no way to prove it was not contaminated and the study was contaminated you have a word of a station that deals with this in the machines that they test in over and over and over
    This is why you must grow in a clean environment and you can not rely on despenceri or cultivation to do what you should fo your self to make sure your medicine is clean
    This was no dought the fault of the Despencer and growers and it is why you should no dought not rely on others for your medicine but grow it your self the proper way
    I am for testing all cannabis befor you sell it to the public
    this only effects weakened amune systems like Cancer and Aides it just means there is a need for Testing as we have been preaching about We need the Cannabis to be tested as clean but it should be by a place that decontaminates there equipment and gives clean results thru none contaminated equipment. Otherwise it is a false Positive Samples need to be sent to 3 labs not in the same building for 100% clear results before you say clearly it was the cause of death but as always we want all to practice clean and responsible growing.

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