Feminine is not about Women | Masculine and Feminine | Man and Women | Sadhguru | Adiyogi | 2020

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  1. Plagiarism??? A guru who speaks a this speaker is parroting the Goa guru! He is accused of murdering his own wife, grabbing the land of the tribal people to build his ashram, please stop supporting a just plagiarist, and a dishonest person is not a guru,

  2. Conquest and conquer / inclusion and conquer, how can u denote masculine to conquer, masculine and feminine is complete by itslef, it does not need other to complete. It's just an trait out of the cosmos and how can this have deficiencies. Masculine and feminine it's the way of life or nature either u go with emotion without logic or with emotion with logic (higher).

  3. Shuts down the whole feminist movement then. It's a male energy to compel thing, to push, to will them to happen. "We will have women's rights!)

    The west is far to lost to save. Only in surrender can balance be restored and that is in no way happening in the west. Western cultures always destroy themselves, bronze age collapse, Roman collapse and so on…

    It is our culture that needs changing, all other efforts are for nothing. Power in the west vanishes when no one obeys. But were too busy "figjting" it, using power to try and defeat power, + to +, male to male. Tut tut tut. Never learn

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