Federal Vote on Cannabis Legalization, 68% of American’s Support Legalization and More Cannabis News

Federal Vote on Cannabis Legalization, 68% of American’s Support Legalization and More Cannabis News Congress will vote on federal marijuana legalization …


  1. 😂 You guys are Democrats 😂 he’s not gone, sorry to burst your bubble. The fake news can’t call the election. Major voting fraud and inconsistencies in 6 major states. Recounts and law suites in play. Once it’s certified, Trump will get 4 more years. Republicans will take the house and senate.

  2. You want Trump. Don’t worry they will legalize it. We’re having a great old time up here in Canada. Police parked outside on the street and people just going in and out of the cannabis stores all day long. They’re the only stores that have line-ups all day long. Then people getting into their car with cannabis products from leaf to gummies and everything in between. Not to be stopped, bothered, or harassed. I parked right behind a cop car, went into the store, came out and walk passed them, got in my car and left!!! What a rush!!!

  3. If weed gets legalized federally and more states legalize, we can finally see a mending of the fracturing between communities and law enforcement over time hopefully. They say this plant is the healing of nations.

  4. They might take war powers away from Congress ESPECIALLY when they get gay in and marijuana DISABILITY people in who support marijuana legalization and the Senate will have war powers against ISIS!

  5. Legalization will never happen nationwide. Law Enforcement uses Cannabis as a way to generate millions of dollars from probation, drug courts, search and seizure etc. In the South the cops arrest people for a rolling paper, seize your vehicle, suspend your drivers license, take you to jail for an unspecified amount of time and put drug charges on permanent record so the person cant get a job or rent a home. Cannabis is the money generator for facsist police departments. I would love to live in a legal state.

  6. You’re planning to do a video on how to start a dispensary in NJ? How can you advise people on how to open a dispensary in New Jersey when New Jersey still hasn’t passed the bill defining how the cannabis industry will function? That bill is in the state senate now and still in debate.

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