FDA Intervention in Marijuana Possible, NY Vaping Ban, New Giveaways and More | The ReCap

Oooohh boy, a FDA intervention in Marijuana is possibly coming down the pipeline. What do you think about the FDA getting involved with Marijuana?


  1. New York is down with taking your rites away vapeing has been proven to be saffer.low nicotine levels won't help a thing they will just smoke more to get more nicotine. People will just smoke there weed illegally.

  2. It's NOT the nicotine that's the problem, it's the carcinogens!!! This is just more stupidity!!! And – FDA, STAY OUT OF THE MARIJUANA INDUSTRY!!!!! And, get real, vaping saves lives!!!!! Grrrrrr!

  3. How can the fda pop up suddenly and go oh we've heard rumors of cannabis being used as medicine we need yup research this! The research is done and has proven that cannabis does in fact have medicinal uses. Should a government entity have the power to usurp the voters?

  4. A government that just outright bans things without the citizen's vote is no longer a democracy but a dictatorship. New York is just taking that one more step towards tyranny but not a huge surprise given the other laws they've signed into effect. California is probably next to do this.

  5. is lower nicotine cigarettes making them less addictive a good idea ? over the past couple of years we have heard some very stupid things from the FDA/politicians/governments/big tabacco/big pharma/ALL THOSE FUCKING MORONS ………we all know by now that nicotine and addiction is not what makes cigarettes a deadly poison , but everything else in it that kills people from cancer and/or respiratory diseases so it is a stupid idea , and the proof is in the pudding in the fact that they want to find new ways to promote tobacco and ban vaping so indirectly they are conspirators of mass murder !!!!!

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