Endoca CBD oil – WARNING! Do Not Buy Endoca CBD Oil Until You See This!

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  1. So according to your video there is nothing wrong with Endoca. You just found a cheaper oil with a higher percentage. So what! That's like comparing BMW to Mercedes, Both high quality European cars but BMW is a little cheaper with more horsepower.

  2. Skeptical about this video. 1st, he spells the company name wrong. It's Endoca, not Endocca. 2nd I did alot of research myself looking for a trustworthy CBD supplier and from the many social networks, reddit groups, people who proclaimed to know what they were talking about recommended Endoca to the audiences. But this video is warning you to avoid it? Doesn't make sense… Unless you can show me some more negativity towards Endoca?
    I'm willing to try the company he recommends in the video but I've read good things about Endoca, been using their product so far and it's been effective for me.

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