EASIEST Way To Make A Cannabis Tincture

Showing you the absolute easiest way to make a tincture. Distillate is such a versatile substance and has endless potential. It’s as easy as mixing with alcohol …


  1. The one thing I would suggest if you want to take the time to do it is evaporate some of the alcohol before infusing it. Grain has a real strong kick back. To take some of that edge off you can boil a pot of water. Once it hits a rolling boil turn the heat off, remove the pot from the heat source. Then add an uncovered mason jar with the amount of alcohol you plan to use into the hot water. Leave it in the pot for a couple hours and you should find the taste is a little milder, but it doesnt prevent it from acting as a solvent. You could also leave the open jar on a counter top for an additional 24 hours to really ensure enough of the alcohol evaporates. I would only do this method when using distillate, cause it doesnt require heat infusion. Another suggestion I'd like to make is infusing your alcohol with flavor while it is evaporating in the hot water. I like to add chamomile and lavender dried buds, which pairs nice with indica. You could throw in a cinnamon stick or anything dried that you might enjoy the flavor of. I would skip anything that is fresh like citrus peel or fresh herbs. Better not to risk bacteria contamination with fresh ingredients.

  2. Just a heads up, you don't want to put this in a plastic spray bottle the alcohol will desegregate the plastic and leech into your tincture. Also may melt the plastic bottle all together.

  3. Ok, it took me a while but I finally got around to making this tincture! I purchased a 1ml distillate syringe that contained 800mg. The strain is called “Trainwreck”.
    I placed the distillate syringe in a baggie and set it in a cup of warm water. (It was very thick and warming makes it easier to work with.)
    I measured out exactly 23ml of Everclear into the tincture bottle. I used a 10cc syringe.
    I then slowly added the warmed distillate to the tincture bottle, (making a solution totaling 24ml), replaced the cap and very slowly swirled the solution around until the distillate was fully incorporated into the Everclear.
    Using a dosage calculating formula, I figured out that a 10mg dose came out to 0.3ml.
    (Dose desired ÷ dose available) x Volume
    So, 10mg ÷ 800mg x 24ml = 0.3ml
    I drew up 0.3ml in a 1cc syringe and slowly dropped it onto an Oreo cookie, about half on one side, half on the other. It appeared to almost instantly absorb and evaporate. After consuming, I experienced over the course of the next few hours exactly what I would expect to experience from a 10mg edible. A pleasant evening and a good night’s sleep. Thanks again for giving me this great idea!

  4. I don't mean to sound like a jerk showoff but:
    The distillate, or weed, must be decarboxylated or the THC will not get activated. When smoking, this process happens when the lighter flame heats up the product.
    Take what you have and boil it in a double boiler until it reduces by 1/2 and that would activate the THC and be so potent stuff.

  5. Thank you so much, young man. This was very helpful. I figure if you measure out 29ml of the alcohol and add the 1ml of distillate to it, that gives you 1000mg in 30ml. A 10mg dose would be 0.3ml, which could easily soak in to a Chips Ahoy cookie! The alcohol would likely evaporate off, I bet. 😊

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