Dying Cancer Patient On Trial For Marijuana

An Iowa terminal cancer patient showed up to court Tuesday wrapped in a blanket, still wearing hospital identification wristbands, to testify at his trial on felony …


  1. Becouse the mariqanna is real bad and it could have caused his cancer and it could cause other people to get cancer mariqanna is really a bad drug even people who don't smoke it suffer from problems in the brain from the second hand smoke like severe memory loss I know I have neighbors who smoke it it's horrible it messes up the mind real bad I noticed the people who smoke it are real dumb they don't care about being able to function properly or about people who suffer from second hand smoke it's super stinky worse smell I've ever smelled real dirty nasty smell

  2. This proves just exactly how much the American legal system and this ignoramus of a judge is out of touch with things! Backward and vindictive ignorant and selfish judge. Let's all hope his "honour" never gets the defendants symptoms!

  3. He should honestly just disclose it anyway… and then challenge the basis for locking him up after. Most they can do is throw him in jail for contempt, beats 10 yrs from trafficking

  4. So disheartening and unacceptable its like we have a bunch of saddom huesine dictators running this system I'm in all this makes me very mad and what happened to a freedom of speech ugh boy the corruption is real so is evil very real

  5. The judge is not stupid. He's part of the cover up for a failing health care system that we're all fighting to have. Yes, we're all crying out for single payer, but this is what you're going to get. An incompetent, intentionally ineffective treatment program. Good luck to us.

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