Dr. Oz Tells Us the Truth About Magic Mushrooms | Elvis Duran Show

Dr. Oz teaches us an incredible amount of information. We learn why dark liquor is more likely to give you a bad hangover, the truth about magic mushrooms and …


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  2. 15 years of severe alcoholism. On the brink of death. Treatment, therapy, hospital, jail couldn't get me to quit. …..now I'm 2 years alcohol free. Thanks magic mushrooms and LSD. Truly a miracle. If you or someone you know is desperately trying to stop drinking, look into psychedelics. It's worth a shot. It saved my life

  3. Stigmas close minds. Closed minds miss life. If we let them. Magic mushrooms real easy to grow and safe to eat as long as you don’t get in a car and drive around. It’s time to open our minds😃🌈🤙

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  5. Magic mushrooms grow wild in my backyard. They are a good time, but when they wear off I'm still the same person, nothing really changes. Now maybe in a clinical setting that might be different?

  6. The average person does not wake up at 6. Your bulking statement was completely wrong. Bulking is different for everyone depending on your body structure. Dr oz you shouldn’t wash your hair every night natural oils won’t build up if you wash your hair everyday or night. False information sir disappointed in your doings.

  7. We're talking about mushrooms as a drug? Naturally existing for us to consume same with marijuana. Heroin….well that is a drug. A devastating life changer as opposed to a mild mind expanding experience. Now Let's talk about drugs!

  8. That LSD and quitting cigarettes thing is amazing. I started smoking in high school as a sophomore and quit at the end if my freshman year in college. I had always thought it was easy to quit because I had only been smoking for 3 1/2 years. However, I decided to quit while picking up some LSD from a friend. We went to his apartment and he had his window open and we could hear him snoring, coughing and hacking in his sleep. I decided then and there I was never going to smoke again. The whole night we were tripping it was in my head that I was never going to smoke again whenever my friends went outside to smoke a cigarette. That day was the last time I had a cigarette and I am 50 now. I never made the connection with LSD and quitting until this video. I am grateful that I was a seeker in college.

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