Dosing Cannabis Oil

Cannabis is not as difficult to dose as a pharmaceutical drug. It is useful to know the range of cannabinoids but eveyone’s body is different. Now Available …


  1. Wow, just found you now. hi from New Zealand 🙋
    First thing to say to another Mum of child with Epilepsy. We love you💯💕and know what it is like. Our daughter was vaccine damaged. Now she is 17 and seeing an adult neurologist. They have come out and more or less said. YES it was the MRI vaccine
    Leah has had a huge I mean huge change in her life from CBD. Around 15 she was basically bed ridden with a Grand Mal seizes especially around period time. But now goodness, after over a year of being seizure FREE. She is back at school. Getting her bike license and riding bides. Playing her guitars. Back out in the world.
    We are been buying CBD from the states called thoughtcloud. But it around $400 NZ dollars
    Just crazy
    So next month is it legal in our country to grow and make your own.
    Just ordered your book.
    Sending you a big HUG. THANKS HEAPS, ROBYN😍

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