"Don't Let My Daughter Die, Governor!": Chris Christie vs. Medical Marijuana

On August 14, 2013, Brian Wilson of Scotch Plains, N.J. confronted Gov. Chris Christie over his delay in signing a law that would make it possible for Wilson’s …


  1. All you gotta do is look at chris christie to know this bastard should never have had any say at all in what is healthy for the public. The guy almost collapsed walking down the stairs at yankee stadium with the plethora of hot dogs and pretzels he was carrying. smfh

  2. F Christie! These babies need they’re medicine and they’re being denied healthcare because of the “type” of medication it is. What I don’t understand is a natural god grown plant is illegal or restricted yet big pharma and big brother keep mass producing this man made shit that make us all sick like legal heroin and vaccines and other shit that’s no good for our health! The healthcare industry is killing me slowly too they put me on opioid medication and I was dumb to not do the proper research before I started taking it and now I’m having a hard time getting off of it! And I want off! Now the very same drs who put me on t don’t want to help me get off! They are playing hot potato with me now they want me to be someone else’s problem. I just qualified for mm card and I hope to transition off opioids and on to the natural plant to help my chronic pain and medical problems I’ve had since birth. I’ve been let down by drs and the healthcare industry.

  3. 2018! can't fucking wait till this basturds out of office..He has no proof of weed being a gate way drug…just saying….been smoking since I was a tiny lad..and haven't done anything else besides drink and I barely even drink..maybe like one every like 3- 5 months. 420 for life! Not to mention my mother who has epilepsy and my aunt who has cancer. My mother takes a shit load of medication for it when she could just be smoking some herb with no bad side effects at all. More then half this state doesn't get the proper medical help. Instead they want to feed people pills that can cause disease, overdose not to mention death!…fuck you fat piece of shit. You are a shitty governor who should of been demoted a long time ago.

  4. Bullshit. Marijuana is not a gateway drug. The drugs that you sell in pharmacies and under prescription are and they are way more dangerous than marijuana. Look at all prescription drugs that are out on the streets like xnax, painkillers, opioids and others, those drugs are gateway drugs and HIGHLY addictive. Matter of fact look at how many people die from legal drugs like alcohol and nicotine that is causing cancer. But how many have actually died from overdose of marijuana? You simply can not overdose on marijuana (unless you Pablo Escobar) but its okay if you do on alcohol and prescription pills which makes no sence to me…. This is a pure ignorance when you say that the weed is a gateway drug because you forget about the other drugs that you have legalized and prescribe to people that latter on suffer even more from the side effects of those prescribed drugs, and thats a fact! Check the numbers for your self. People overdose and perminantly damage their brains, kidneys, liver and other. When most of those things could of been avoided with marijuana legalization or more open Medical use. Chris Cristie sounds straight up like a kid that is 5 years old who refused to look at facts and statistics. He clearly doesnt want it because it is not as profitable as alcohol and tabacco and simply because he wont get paid for legalization of it like he does for hiding the truth behind alcohol and tabacco companies. This is the pure ignorance at its finest!

  5. “These are complicated issues…I’m going to do what I think is best for the people of the state, [for] all of the people of the state.”
    Having watched this I think I’ve changed my mind in that political power does not corrupt, but rather it attracts the corrupt. The occasional Gary Johnson’s, Ron Paul’s, and Justin Amash’s of the United States at least appear to be resistant to the snares of the State’s power, although sadly, are not as successful at fighting it. However, by contrast Christie and his control freak, fear mongering, morally rudderless ilk near-wholly dominate the political discourse of this country.
    Professional politicians such as Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton, and Mike Huckabee demonstrate the types of minds which are drawn to power: the psychotic and sociopathic which, unable to properly perceive reality, attempt to control and dominate everyone else who can properly understand it. Stubbornly unwilling to recognize individual’s rights, they always frame and justify their policies with morally depraved altruist-collectivist justifications. Fanatically opposed to allowing others to be the masters of their own destiny, they sickeningly insult all of us by proclaiming themselves to be our collective parent.
    If Rand was right, and power-lust is the ultimate form of parasitism, I think Christie would be better taxonomically classified as a blood-engorged tick, rather than a mammal. The fat fuck already looks the part.

  6. Hey guys. Here are a few sites sponsored by pro-cannabis groups in Florida. Read and spread to become more informed to help people with ailments and stress.


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  7. Is this the guy you want for president? He says everyone who does marijuana is a disease. People need their medicine and if this man makes president (fat chance hah) he will crack down on legal states and people who are in desperate need of meds will suffer.

  8. Bless that sweet baby's heart. Most Republicans are so against cannabis but glorify alcohol. He only signed it because the video went viral. What a low life…and yes, I am a Republican. Obesity kills 300,000 people a year vs 0 deaths a year from cannabis.

  9. It breaks my heart watching this. To watch that sweet little girl suffering. How honestly can anyone vote for an evil power junky like Christie that could shrug his obese shoulders because he could not give a shit.
    Could you vote for someone that could happily see a girl dying when that same guy could prevent it at a stroke of a pen?
    Ask yourselves.

  10. Chrispy Christie is so addicted to eating that he can't even resist the taste of LEO  jizz as he copsucks his way across the campaign trail.

    The drug war is dying you statist piece of shit, just like your hopes of being president.

  11. THERE IS HELP without moving!… industrial hemp saved my life, fuck these dispensaries are a waste of time, U DONT NEED TO MOVE… if your daughters/children are sick…he says its not simple, when it is VERY SIMPLE! and a child dies right after this got passed. he is truely evil. should be arrested.

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